Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is

Answer: YapLink is an instant communications broadcasting tool to provide messaging to your group regardless of what tools they use to communicate. We do our best to enhance communications while promoting mobile connectivity to individuals, groups, organizations, clubs, and families.

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Question: I have been invited to join a group. What will happen if I accept or decline the invitation?

Answer: If you accept your group invitation, you will become a member of the group, and receive all messages sent to that group. If you decline the invitation, you will not receive any of the messages addressed to the group. In either case, the person who invited you will receive an email informing him or her of your action.

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Question: How will I receive the group messages?

Answer: You will be given the choice to receive the group messages either through email, or as cellular phone text messages. If you choose to receive messages through email, they will be sent to the email address that you provided when creating your account. If you choose to receive the messages as cellular phone text messages, the text messages will be sent to the phone number you provided when creating your account.

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Question: Is text message delivery available to my wireless carrier?

Answer: Text message delivery is currently available to the wireless carriers listed below.

Cellular Phone Services:

Pager Services:

Satellite Phone Services:

Blackberry™ users can receive messages on their Blackberry™ by selecting the email delivery preference and entering their Blackberry™ email address.

If your carrier is not on this list, check back in the future as we are constantly adding to our list of supported carriers.

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Question: Do I need a account to receive the group messages?

Answer: Yes. We need your membership registration to insure that you receive the messages that you want in the way that you want. After creating your account, you will be able to use all the features of

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Question: Can I create my own groups?

Answer: Yes. Once you have registered with, you will be able to create your own groups and invite others to join them.

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Question: Will sell my personal information to third parties?

Answer: No. retains your registration information for the operation of our service and for our own advertising purposes only. We will not sell or otherwise provide your registration information to others, unless required by law. For details, please see our Privacy Policy.

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Question: How do I contact

Answer: You can an email to customer support at

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Question: When I try to login, I get a message saying "Your session has expired. Please login again."  What should I do?

Answer: YapLink requires that your browser accept session cookies to complete your login. Using your browser's cookie management tools, you can configure your browser to accept session cookies from

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Question: Are there any charges associated with using YapLink?

Answer: YapLink will not charge you for using our service; however you may incur charges from your mobile service provider for sending and receiving messages through YapLink. We recommend that you check with your service provider to determine any charges associated with sending or receiving text messages or emails using your mobile device. We also remind you that you must use your mobile device in accordance with the Terms of Service set by your service provider.

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Question: If is free to use, how is it supported?

Answer: sells advertisements which may be added to the text messages and emails that are sent during group communication. These advertisements will not result in any additional messages being sent to members, they will only be added to messages that have been sent by group members.

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Question: How can I advertise on

Answer: Please contact us via e-mail and a personal account representative will contact you shortly.


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